JASPER Free-all Series Knee Brace
BEFORE: HKD 108.00
HKD 95.00 (您節省了 HKD 13.00)

  • Free-All series' are made of the highest grade, airprene, covered with stretch nylon and super-loop material from Japan on both sides for you comfort.

  • Free-All series' are for compression and that retention, with helps improve blood circulation.

  • Free-All series' provides a therapeutic treat mart to muscle & joint on injury.
  • Retains body heat to warm Knee Brace joint and increase blood circulation.

  • Breathable, lightweight and durable.

  • Velcro design fits all Knee Brace sizes with adjustable support.

  • Provides compression for weak on over stressed Knee.

  • One Size fits all

Washing :

  • Dipping in cold or warm water with detergent powder for 100minutes... cleaning by water... dry in the sun.

  • Don't wash by washing machine.

  • No iron.

Made in Taiwan.




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